Thursday, June 28, 2012

USA or bust!

So, that time is upon me. The time where I pack 3 gigantic bags full of stuff and haul them back to the land of air conditioning, and salads, and cheeseburgers just so I can pack them full again, mostly with things to eat. Like peanut butter. Time to sleep in people's spare bedrooms. Time to reconnect with loved ones. Time to try and speak coherently about what in the world I do here in Uganda in the time it would take me to ride an elevator. Time to try and raise a billion my dreams.
Thus, the life of a missionary. 
Tyson and I will be coming back "home" to "Merica" (said in the voice of George Bush) that land that we love. And we are just crazy enough to try and attempt another ROAD TRIP to see friends, and talk about our adventures in Uganda. 
This is the part where beg our friends to let us sleep on their couches. 
As usual, we have tentative plans:

  • July 21-29- UK
  • July 30- August 12- San Francisco Bay area, Redding, CA region
  • Aug 13-26th Virginia (Charlottesville, Richmond, Harrisonburg) (just me)
  • Aug 15- Harrisonburg, Va- Horizon Christian Church, 7pm  197 Cornerstone Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22802
    • Aug 19- Harrisonburg, Va- Alethia Church (morning service) 801 Parkwood Drive, Harrisonburg, VA
    • Aug 22- NOVA- Oakbrook Church- eve service- 1700 Reston Pkway, Reston, VA
    • Aug 26- DC- National Community Church- morning service
    • Sept 2- Richmond- Harvest Renewal Church- morning service
    • Sept 8th- ROAD TRIP BEGINS!
    • Sept 9th- Sun, 11am- Bethany's Church- Freedom Christian Ministries, NC  
      2226 Shaw Avenue
       Gastonia , NC , 28054 USA
    • Sept 13th- Thurs, 7pm - Hatteras Island Christian Fellowship, Hatteras, NC
    • Sept 16th- Sun service, 8:20am & 11am- Christ the King, Kingwood, TX
    • Sept 24th- Sunday open to church in Texas
    • Sept 25-30th- Charlottesville, VA
    • Sept 27th, Bridgewater, AM; Deeper at JMU 7pm, Harrisonburg, VA 
    • October- 1-18th San Francisco, CA & Redding, CA
    • Oct 19th- back in Uganda
    • Oct-Dec- Uganda 

We're really open to places to see/stay. 
I'm looking for a few people who will commit to connecting me into their churches and network me into groups who might want to partner with Zion Project. Would love your help with this.
I'm actually more organized this time. This is completely due to Tyson's affect on me and his ability to find really cool websites that do things to make life easier. 
So...Prepare to be amazed!
1. You can click here  to go to a really cool form if you want me to come speak in your area.
2. You can offer up your homes, couches, backyards for us to sleep in.
3. You can loan us your motor home (kidding...but seriously that would be awesome!)
Thanks for being so helpful! We're excited to see you all!

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Our journey said...

I just found your blog! Love it! My husbands the youth pastor at a church in the north bay area and we are adopting from Africa and would love for you to speak to our youth group! I'm filling out the form tonight :)