Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dearest prayer partners,

Please stop and pray with us right now. I just received notice from Gulu that our landlord is evicting all our girls at the end of next month. We had no warning, and no understanding of why this is. It could be because they are Congolese, it could be that someone offered to pay him more money for the house, but either way please pray that

1) God would change his heart towards mercy
2) That if is heart is hard, that God would MIRACULOUSLY find us a home for these 10 girls and babies and children who will have no home at the end of this month.

I also received word that our other landlord for our Acholi home is trying to raise our rent double what it is right now starting in I may be looking at finding 2 new houses.

Uganda is notorious for having corrupt landlords and this is a spiritual battle. My wedding is in 37 days and all of a sudden this happens...I know it is just the enemy trying to discourage the work that God is doing in these girls' hearts and minds. These girls who were once prostitutes, have already changed so much and they have a new life and now they are faced with having to be on the street again.

In Gulu it is very difficult to find housing, especially with such short notice, please pray that God would open another door for these girls. I go back in September, but it will be too late to deal with this problem. Please PRAY that God would give us the funds to eventually build our own home, so we won't have to deal with these issues anymore.

Thank you for your prayers and standing with us. The true power is in us coming together to seek God's face.

with love,

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