Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Congolese girls to be evicted from our Home in Gulu

Dearest loyal friends and supporters,

I write this knowing that ONLY God can solve the situation we are in. So I ask you to PRAY because this is the only thing I know how to do right now and because I believe God hears us and WILL MOVE.

I spoke to the landlord finally after trying for several days and he was unwilling to change his mind about evicting my Congolese girls and will not give us more time. I do not fully understand his reasons, but we are out at the end of August, which is not a lot of time to find a house in Gulu. I know this is spiritual warfare because the girls are doing so well and have even started doing outreach to other prostitutes in Gulu, but I believe God wants to use this for promotion.

I've apologized to the landlord and done everything that is humanly possible so now it is only God who can find us a new home.

1) INTERCEDE with us and my girls in Uganda who are praying even now, that God would provide the PERFECT HOME for these girls who have been displaced so many times in their lives and just as they are getting settled, chaos erupts again. I know God can give us ABOVE & BEYOND what we can hope for, so pray for that :)

2) PRAY for the PERFECT PRICE---we can only afford a certain amount per month so pray that God would be generous towards us. If you would like to make a donation towards finding new housing please go to:

It normally costs us around $1,500 a month per house to keep the girls there and provide for their needs and those of their children (which includes food, medical, counseling, mentoring, job skills, school fees & a loving community)

3) I know some of you are IN Uganda right now or have contacts there and you might be able to refer my house mom's to a house that is available, so if you know of a place please contact Christine--0772543902 or Miriam--0782289888

4) PRAY for the girls and their children, that they would not worry, but be full of PEACE knowing that their Father in Heaven cares for them and that they will be able to transition smoothly, that it would be even better than their expectations!

Thank you for all your kinds words of love to me, your continual support, and your prayers.
You are a wonderful family to have :)


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