Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You might wonder what these two images have in common. Since I began Zion Project, about a year and half ago when God told me to, it has been a long road of filing for our status and setting things up etc. None of the fun stuff I actually thought I signed up for. During that time, God has brought me amazing people to come along-side me and help me in the areas that I am not gifted (of which there are many, but ESPECIALLY in the area of accounting :) So the first picture is of Megan Letcher, the woman who has devoted her time to trying to help me understand bank records and budgets :) (yes I dressed her up in all my african jewelry so she could look more "african")

She has faithfully prayed and fought alongside me for our status. I am VERY happy, excited, elated to announce that ZION PROJECT is now an OFFICIAL 501c3. (yes, all your gifts before-hand have been tax-deductible, its just now we can rest in the fact that we can raise funds will full credibility.) I am now loving the IRS. What usually takes 6 months to a year to find out about, with God's miraculous help, only took us 2 1/2 months. And we don't even have to answer any questions. Whew!

We're that good. Or Megan is that good. Or God is that good.
And how that relates to the second picture---is little girls like her, who I met on my second trip up to the camps in northern Uganda, we can now fully be an answer to her prayer. So if you have churches or groups you want me to speak at let me know--and let the fundraising for the healing of girls in Uganda, begin. MANY THANKS and MUCH LOVE to all you who support us.
After the news, I feel a little bit like this:

Only a bit more excited :)

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