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The Weeping Room- A Pathway to Strategy

I'm at Bethel Church in Redding, California and had an encounter last night with Father that was so real and so amazing. It reminded me of the teaching of Jennifer Toledo (my personal hero) on The Weeping Room which I am re-posting here. (Jen, I hope this is accurate--it's one of the most beautiful revelations of Father's heart.)

But also that entering into Father's heart and feeling how His heart breaks---for all the raped women, for all the scared children, for all the lonely missionaries, for ALL His children----that it is a pathway into strategy.  I feel like this is where I'm at right now. I've spent many years in the Weeping Room, and I think, I hope, I've gotten small enough to enter through the other door where all the blueprints of Heaven are. It's been a lonely room with Father, but I feel that is about to change.

Last night, as I laid on the floor weeping, I felt I was also birthing something. I don't know what it all looks like yet, but I know that it is a new thing. Something new is coming and that it only comes through intimacy.  Through Papa's heart. A stamp of approval that isn't about which thing I'm a part of, or what ministry is my backing, or who knows about me, but the fact that Father is behind me and He is the one covering me and sending me. And He is joining together those who have the same heart.

He gives His plans to His kids. To those who are willing to go deep with Him.
I pray you find the courage to do so.
Because on the other side there is so much reward.

To all the Kingdom carriers, to all the pioneers, to all those on the front lines taking the hits and carrying His heart. He sees you.

Help is coming.

The Weeping Room – Pathway to Strategy
By Jennifer Miller Toledo
One day as I was in prayer the Lord began to open up my eyes to a spiritual encounter. I saw myself being taken up to heaven. Before me I saw a huge house with many rooms. I knew instantly that this was the ‘Father’s House’. I could feel the love of the father drawing me in, so I began to run as fast as I could to enter the house. As I entered, the Lord walked with me through many rooms, each one packed with spiritual meaning.
He quietly invited me to follow Him into the most beautiful room in the whole house – the intimacy room. It was absolutely extravagant and beautiful. Upon entering the room, I was overwhelmed with love and wanted to stay there forever. In the Spirit I could hear other people (other believers) in all the different rooms of the house. Some were studying books in the library; others were becoming intoxicated in the spiritual wine cellar. I was somewhat surprised that everyone wasn’t in the intimacy room since it was the most beautiful room in the whole house.
The Weeping Room
As I was admiring this intimacy chamber, I noticed a little wooden hatch door on the floor adjacent to the bed. It seemed really odd to me, because it wasn’t fancy and hardly seemed to fit with the rest of the room. I asked the Lord why it was there, and He told me that it led down to another room in the house. I asked Him why He would put this door so close to the most beautiful thing in the whole room, the bed. He responded, “I keep it here, because down there is where I spend most of my time”. Instantly my curiosity was stirred so I asked what was down there. He said it was called the “Weeping Room”.
Although it hardly sounded like a room I wanted to be in, there was a cry in my heart that said that if that is where the Lord spends His time, then that is where I want to go. I asked Him if I could go down there with Him, and He responded “Very few will choose to go down there, it’s not extravagant like this room, it’s lonely, it’s not comfortable, and you have to get very low to fit through the door.” I told Him that I didn’t care what the conditions would be like; I just really wanted to be wherever He was.
So we opened the little hatch door and began to slowly climb down a dark staircase until we came upon the tiny room. I had to get on my knees to fit through the door because it was so small. As we entered the room it was very simple. All it consisted of was a small wooden chair. One of the walls had a small window in it. The Lord took His seat on the chair and turned His face to look out the window. Instantly I became aware of why this room was called the weeping room.
You Could Hear Every Cry
As you looked out the window – you could see and hear every single cry coming from people on the earth. You could see every single act of injustice all at the same time. Every starving child crying out to God, every woman being raped, every moan of the rejected … you could hear every prayer, every cry all at the same time. The Lord sat in His chair and watched and heard it all.
At once I was overwhelmed with intercession and began to weep. I wept for hours. I wept for those who were hurting, but even more – I was undone by this beautiful King who would choose to spend His time in this place; This King who paid such attention to every cry and who was so full of compassion. As I sat and wept with the Lord, I began to ‘feel’ His heart-and all my selfish ambition began to fade away
While we were in that place I noticed that there was another door in the weeping room. I asked the Lord what was behind that door and He told me that was where the ‘Strategy Room’ was. As He said those words, instantly in my spirit I knew in that room divine strategy for end-time revival was available. Although the door was still closed, I recognized that Wisdom and Revelation where in there.
Divine Strategy Room
Heavenly blueprints were laid out to see the fulfillment of His kingdom coming to earth from that room. It was like the hidden room that everybody searches for. Everyone longs to have divine strategy. I immediately asked if I could go in there and the Lord soberly told me that I didn’t ‘fit through the door’. I instantly understood that I had to spend time in the weeping room. As I began to really apprehend the heart of God for the poor and the broken, then issues of my soulish nature would be stripped away until I would become small enough to fit through the door.
At that moment everything became clear. This was the only way to access divine strategy. From the place of intimacy God invites us in to a deeper level – He beckons us into the weeping room- a place where we choose to see what He sees and feel what He feels. And as we spend time getting the heart of God, things of our flesh begin to be stripped away until we are small enough to fit through the door that leads to the strategy room.
I had this encounter over two years ago but I believe that God is now moving many in the church from the place of intimacy into weeping. This will lead them into the strategy room. In actuality, you never have to leave the intimacy room; you just discover the deeper levels. Many have already surrendered themselves to the weeping room and extravagantly pursued the heart of God for the broken- they are now being invited into the strategy room.
Invitation to Divine Strategy
I had another encounter a little over a year ago in which I heard a loud voice say, “It’s Time!” and in the Spirit I saw the strategy room door swing open. God is inviting us into divine strategy that will release a global harvest of souls, and establish the revelation of His kingdom on earth through overcoming saints.
I believe that as we enter the “strategy room,” we will be compelled and moved by what we have seen and felt in the weeping room. I have a sense that some have gone before us into the strategy room. Unfortunately, most quickly forgot what the strategy was for and used it to build their own kingdom (Haggai 1:3-7). God is in the process of raising up a whole company of believers who are repulsed at the idea of building their own kingdom. This company will have their hearts truly branded with passion and compassion. These are the ones that God is looking to release into the strategy room. “It’s Time!”

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Jenny and Lee Childs said...

I love this. I've just started hearing the calling towards social justice. My heart has just started breaking and aching to fight against the things that break His heart. Thank you for your inspiration.