Saturday, February 06, 2010

I was so excited I couldn't wait to share. Our 14 girls rescued from sexual exploitation, child prostitution, and being an orphan--just had their 1st day of school in Gulu, Uganda. I cried when I read the following testimony from our 13 year old Jolly who was taken from a life of commercial sex work into a life where she dreams because she has the chance to go to school. It's so amazing to know that because of her living in our home and receiving education, she will have the self-esteem and opportunity to live a different life. Thank you for supporting our girls!

"I could not sleep that night waiting to go to school, Putting on a school uniform for the first time in in my life I looked at the shoes and the bag with ten exercise books in it feeling so happy I have been waiting for that special day to come and here I am. On the way to school the villager came out of their houses looking at us as if we are a film show, other children ran to the road side just to have a closure look at us, when we reached the school, I saw very many children at the school assembly the teacher stopped talking as we arrived all eyes turned to us I was shy but Mama Miriam was near me she told me not to fear, there I gained courage and we joined other children to the classroom. I thanked God I am now in school."

You can sponsor one of our girls receive an education at

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