Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Beloved Ones,

I am sorry I have been so delinquent in sending out prayer requests the last month. I wish I could blame it on Uganda internet, but I can't this time :) Being in the USA has actually made it harder to get time to communicate, if you can believe that! I miss communicating with you all, but it has been so nice to be back here and see my family. I'm very blessed.

GOD has been up to a lot in my life personally. A few praises:


Yes, it's true. Some of you have been praying for a long time, but God brought the perfect man for me into my life and I am so grateful. He is a huge support to me and to the ministry. We are planning an August wedding and will return together to Uganda in September to continue the work. He has already and will continue to serve alongside me in the field, especially helping with our ZP farm (so thank God for him!) otherwise I would probably be lost! :)

Other Things to Thank God For:
  • Irene gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the end of last month. We are so grateful her and the baby are doing so well
  • Girls continue to thrive in their sewing and hair-dressing classes and are at the top of their class!
  • We just received a GRANT I applied for earlier this year and it will be a huge source of support for us!
We are in a season of transition. This month we will lose or dear friend, board member, and prayer coordinator Michele Keen as she moves onto the great vision God has called her to. Please pray for blessing on her as she transitions and for us as we look for a new board member and prayer coordinator (and well graphic designer, the girl does everything! :) If you might be that person email me at or call me: 650-452-8295

We are DESPERATELY in need of a US coordinator to help Sarita with the state-side operations. So that goes at the top of the list:

  • God to provide us with the right person to be a US coordinator volunteer/missionary/possible staff position(raise your own funds like YoungLife thing) to assist ZP with our State-side operations

  • God’s continued vision and direction for the project

  • A new board member for Zion Project

  • A new prayer coordinator for ZP by the end of this month!

  • A technical volunteer to help with our website

  • God’s grace on Sarita in carrying the vision as she speaks to churches and groups about ZP

  • God to put HIS words in Sarita's mouth as she speaks (as she hates public speaking and needs His SPIRIT!)

  • For God to touch people's hearts to give to this work

  • God’s grace on Sarita and her new fiance Tyson as they plan their wedding and adjust to the upcoming changes when they move to Uganda in Sept.

  • Continual growth for the girls in Uganda in both their faith and in their skill building

  • God to provide them with self-sustaining activities and jobs

  • God to provide ZP with the right pastors, staff, and partners on the ground in Uganda—people who love him with all their hearts and in humility

  • For God to continue to fill our hearts with love for the people of Uganda

  • For God to break through the strongholds of the orphan spirit, poverty spirit, and the jezebel spirit in Uganda that plague the land with corruption and greed

  • For God to continue to give us revelation of His love and a spirit of sonship so we can give what we have received

As always, I cannot do this without you. Please email me if while praying for us you have something laid on your spirit. I welcome it! Please also keep me in your prayers--that I would get some sweet time with the Father to hear his it has been a very busy, and exhausting season for me since being back.

with so much love,

ps--This is a crazy month of speaking and traveling for me, so until further notice, we will hold off on conference calls until God brings us a new prayer coordinator. Thank you for your dedication!

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