Wednesday, October 29, 2008

(Baby holding my finger)

(girls hard at work)

(girls in their bedroom)
(what we took them from)

(the road to Awer)

(Beatrice, one of our girls sewing at Mama Shekinah's house)
(Florence, one of our formerly abducted girls who now lives with us)

(Pauline, cooking in our house)
(Mama Shekinah praying for a girl in Awer camp)

I've only been in the States a few days but have already compiled a list of things I miss about Uganda. I just spoke with the girls who were in counseling class today at Mama Shekinah's and making beads and baking and just almost cried at how much I miss them already.

Top Things I Miss about Uganda:

  • The sound of my girls laughing in the kitchen
  • Going home to a place that is actually my own
  • Hearing the girls say, "Welcome back," as if I'd been gone for days
  • Dancing around with the drums in the morning
  • Baking ginger cake in the afternoons
  • The way rice and beans does not mess up my stomach as much as Western processed food (hello Pepto Bismol)
  • The rainstorms in Gulu
  • Being on the back of a boda boda racing through the streets
  • Being on the back of a boda boda in a rainstorm :)
  • Everything raw and real and closer to the truth of life than I've ever felt
Attached are some pics I wanted to upload earlier, but am now able to because of hi-speed internet. Not one of the things I missed about Uganda :)

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