Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This week so far in Kampala has been really good. I was able to take the Ugandan family I just love and support the items that Barcroft school and others sent. It was so cute because kids from Barcroft school wrote letters to my kids and the kids thought that was just the best so they read them and responded and I cried just reading the notes. I need guidance about what to do because their American mother is nearing 70 and needs help taking care of the kids. She works 5 jobs in the US to try and support them but school fees are high. We figured she sends about $600 a month to support them which is a huge amount and she is struggling. We want to set her up under Zion Project as a special thing b/c she is worried if something happens to her there will be no one to take care of the kids. But it is hard to have my heart torn between the North and between them in Kampala. But we are dreaming of a way to bring it all together, perhaps two homes, one in the North and one in Kampala to promote reconciliation between NOrthern and Southern regions since there is so much hatred between tribes. I believe that revival and restoration will come from the children. God has really been impressing that on my heart lately.

The other great thing that has happened is my friend Edgar has been helping me get set up as an NGO. Today I just reserved the name Zion Project at the Registrar's office. I'm still praying through whether I will start off as my own NGO or partner with another one in Gulu, but either way I think it is good to begin the process so when that time comes I will know how. There have been so many just God-given appointments with people. Edgar knows a woman on the NGO board who makes the decisions about who becomes one and who doesn't.

I go out to the Ndjee community tomorrow to visit Linds and see the projects they are working on with the refugee community there. And on Friday I head up to Gulu again on a rickety bus :) I've been enjoying the hot water in Kampala but am ready to get up to Gulu, even for the freezing showers and bad food :) I'm taking a photographer up with me who just volunteered to come with. He might want me to write captions for some of his photos. Talk about crazy opportunities :) I'm so excited. Since I brought cameras with me he is going to teach some of the girls how to work them. It should be a great time.

I need prayer for discerning which IDP camp to begin working with. Awer has been heavy on my heart and I have connections there but its really up to God. I appreciate all you who have been praying. I have felt them in the last few days.

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