Saturday, December 02, 2006

Last night's event was truly beautiful. So many people showed up to offer Christmas to children in East Africa. I was thinking about why that is so important. I believe its because hope is our greatest commodity, more valuable as a gift than food, water, or clothes on someone's back. It is the belief in something larger than ourselves and in possible change for our future and that is what we want to and are going to, I believe, offer these children. As Jean Paul said, this is the first Christmas children in Rwanda will have celebrated. I think that is so amazing. I had no idea how talented, or how annointed Jean Paul was before seeing him sing and his beautiful partners--- (his wife) and Jacque dance! I was so touched by him and we are hoping to continue to partner in the future to offer hope and reconciliation to war-torn countries.

Myself and Lindsay Branham will be traveling to Uganda for a month on December 30th to lay the groundwork for Zion Project. We will be taking some christmas presents over to some orphans, refugees and child mothers we support and continuting the process of becoming registered as an NGO in Uganda. We also would love to take cameras (used, new & disposable) over to give to children as a way for them to express their own lives. If any of you have seen Born into Brothels, you witnessed how empowering it can be for a child to begin to describe their own lives and experiences. A GREAT CAMERA TO BUY as a donation for us to take over would be a CANON point and shoot 35 mm. If you would like to donate cameras or other items we need them before Dec 24th. You can send them to Sarita Hartz at 4613 30th Rd. S. Arlington, VA 22206. Or contact me for more details. 703-888-6693

I believe that Uganda is a pivotal country and truly key to Africa's future. Please help us invest in them.

We hope to have pictures up soon from the concert and YES we ARE working on a website as well so please be patient with us. We're busy busy bees!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarita -
My name is Joseph Michael and I'm a photographer from Toronto. I currently live in Uganda and will be here through February of the new year. I found your contact information through a gentleman named Robbie who works in Mbale... random, I know, but that's life in East Africa. Anyway, I'm writing for two reasons. 1 - Robbie said you were a fantastic writer, you are, and suggested we might team up for a photo/text package thing, for what exactly, i don't know, but i can't write worth crap... and well... you get the idea. 2 - i'm also writing to see if there is anything I can do to help you in January with your project. It sounds amazing. I'd offer my services as a photographer if you would like a professional documentation of what you're doing. Anyway, let me know if I can help, you can contact me here in uganda at +256 774 359 693 or else e-mail me at josephmichael_ug (at) yahoo (dot) com. Looking forward to hearing from you, keep up the great work.

Unknown said...

hi YES! I'm so excited. Actually I tried emailing you but it got sent back to me. Can you email me at: