Friday, October 06, 2006

After looking into the eyes of young women who asked the question
"What will you do for me?"
I am beginning to find an answer.
A grassroots, faith-based project with a mission of grace:
To revolutionize war-affected communities whose needs are unmet by humanitarian aid through intimate healing, creative empowerment, and holistic transformation in the lives of the most vulnerable: girl child soldiers, child mothers, and refugees in Africa

Believing in the power of women

Dreaming of their potential fulfilled

Seeing their communities strengthened

"For out of Jerusalem shall go a remnant and out of Zion a band of survivors. The zeal of the Lord will do this." II Kings 19:31

The Need

In the 21st century child soldiers have become
the new face of war:

300,000 child soldiers around the
world in over 30 countries. 40% are girls.

In Uganda 30,000 children abducted
for indoctrination, forced killing, and sex slavery.

Why we should care

Aside from justice and compassion, there
are the consequences:

The first US soldier killed in Iraq was shot by
a 14 yr old boy

AIDS rates in Northern
Uganda are escalating

In March 2006 I went to Uganda and saw with my own eyes things I had only read about. I saw the disease, starvation, and desperation of communities that were now forced to live in crowded camps because of a 20 yr long war the outside world knows little about. I heard the community say they wanted to go back home and they wanted to work their own land. But what was most unjust of all were the young girls not going to school, but caring for infants as a result of their rapes. I sat down and spoke with these girls and found that while some are taken to reception centers upon escaping their captors, most do not receive counseling or care after being returned to their camp. Their neighbors often call them and their children “killers.” After seeing corruption in both the government and in Aid organizations I decided to start my own to ensure that donor’s money would be invested where they intended: in the lives of those who need it most

The Vision

Zion Village

Resettlement of an IDP camp and building a community
that is self-sustaining, a place where "the city shall be
full of boys and girls playing in its streets."( Zech 8:3-5)

Bringing heaven to earth

To welcome the most vulnerable: child mothers, prostitutes, refugees, and children into a community that provides an atmosphere of "home" where safety, beauty, and love can begin to transform their lives. To guide them towards their identity as the Beloved of God through Christian counseling through the arts, education, and economic empowerment. To build bridges with the larger community through acts of love and nurture relationship and reconciliation between the rejected and those who reject them. To create partnerships with other non-profits in a non-competitive learning and giving atmosphere. To create partnerships between Africans and Americans to raise awareness about the beauty of Africa's people and the need for churches to care for the outcasts. Providing an atmosphere of God's presence and offering relationship and connection to each individual. To always receive the rejected, sustain those who are weary, bring the homeless into our home and release them towards a blessed future.
Never turning anyone away without lovingly supporting them and/or referring them to someone who can better help them.


We believe we are God's mirror reflecting his face to disadvantaged of the world.
That there is more than one kind of poverty.
We believe that no one is beyond redemption.
We believe in the power of women in the developing world and their ability to foster positive growth in communities, villages, and continents.

We dream of seeing their potential fulfilled and bridges built with their communities in order to transform entire war-torn regions of Africa.
We believe in the radical redemption of lives and in being Holy-Spirit driven
We believe in supporting all who enter our doors in their pursuit of their purpose, passion and integrity as a human being who is loved by God
We believe there is no true healing without the Divine
We believe in the power of faith and ingenuity to change the world's oldest problems
We believe you have to lose your life to find it


* After-care center (trauma shelter)

for child mothers (former girl child soldiers with children) to support their rehabilitation after being released from the bush

*Being a safety net between the harsh transition
from reception center straight back into an IDP camp or village

*Christian Counseling with respect
to cultural methods of healing

*Income Generating Activities

*Using the arts in methods of counseling thereby transcending culture, class and race and allowing free expression that leads to personal healing


*Fostering an atmosphere of home, beauty
and retreat for all who enter our doors

*Agricultural development within resettled IDP camp
meeting basif needs of larger community to foster reconciliation and reduce jealousy towards child mothers

*Community sensitization
*Partnering with nationals
*Community ownership on all projects
*Service projects by girls to initiate relationship and reconciliation

Partnerships & Accountability

*Bringing teams from other countries
over to openly dialogue, share cultures,
and be blessed through serving and
*Networking with other ministries and agencies that align with our vision
*Encouraging the self-esteem and giftings of all those
we serve and all those who seek to serve with us

*Making sure the money goes to the people
who need it most.

How You Can Help
We are seeking:
Members for a Board of Directors & Finances

Tax-deductible checks can be made out to
Project Salt with "Zion Project" in memo.


Sarita Hartz, Director
4613 30th Rd South
Arlington,VA 22206

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